The Red Fox Norge story
Our story with the Russian brand Red Fox started in a small expedition shop in Bishkek, Kirgistan in 2002. Red Fox - the brand we never heard of before - attracted us with a good technical and also fashionable design. We decided to give it a try and brought it back to Norway. After extensive testing, we got a confirmation that quality matches all the features that impressed us in the first place. We were very excited that we found a brand new to the European market that has a high potential because of a supreme quality and solid design.

The first trip to Russia was full of events and adventures, and proved to be very successful. Red Fox Norge and Red Fox Russia became partners.

We have been working for 5 years already. We had a lot of challenges doing import from Russia, since most of the Norwegian trade with Russia is export from Norway. We are the only company that imports outdoor equipment from Russia as far as we know.

Norwegians are now starting to know Red Fox outdoor equipment and they like it more and more. Innovative and fresh design, perfect quality make it popular among Norwegians.

Red Fox Russia organizers a lot of various competitions in Russia, as promotion of sport and active lifestyle is part of the company’s strategy. These include Red Fox Elbrus Race, Red Fox Adventure Race and they also organize different ice climbing competitions including World Cup in ice climbing.

This year Red Fox Norge and Red Fox Russia decided to organize the first Red Fox multisport race outside of Russia to show it follows its strategy worldwide.

We are proud that the first Red Fox Adventure Race took place in Oslo, Norway 18th October 2008. And as we guaranteed it was lots of fun and action for everyone who participated or just watched the Race.

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